June 6, 1964 – OUR WEDDING DAY

June 6, 2013

It was a sunny, beautiful day in St. Louis, Missouri. Perfect day for a wedding! My home church, Jennings Church of Christ, was the place. This was a church that my parents helped to start on December 7, 1941. This was the place where I learned to be a follower of Christ.

Let me share some of my memories of some things that happened when Bill and I were so young, 49 years ago.

  • My brother, George, walked with me down the aisle, since my father had died in 1960.
  • Our Maid of Honor and Best Man were: Joy Jordan and Jimmy Lee Campbell.
  • So happy that Bill’s brother could be his best man. Jimmy lost his life during the Vietnam War.
  • My Bride’s Maids were: Maureen McCrary and Shirley Wood
  • The Groomsmen and Ushers were: Sam Bopp, Ray Bowen, Ken Patterson, & John Schofield
  • The Junior Bride’s Maid and Groomsman were: Terry Wood and Charles McGee

God has blessed Bill and I with:

  • Five children: Linda, Thom, Mike, Daniel and Matt
  • Ten wonderful grandchildren, four boys and six girls – Chris, Erich, Cade, Elly, Reagan, Chloe, Clark, Lily, Evie & Zanna.
  • Bill being able to complete his educational goals and serve the Lord in so many ways. Bill is still actively teaching and preaching, which is his great love.

I found this prayer among my pictures. Not sure who wrote it, but thought I would share it:

A Bride’s Prayer

Dear Father, bless this golden bandScanned Image 131570000

Which I wear proudly on my hand.

Give me strength to know I must

Be always worthy of its trust.

Bless me, O Lord, a brand-new bride;

And let the husband at my side

Be kind and tolerant of me

If I am not as sure as he.

Cause him to help me when I fail

To measure up in some detail.

Let him not judge me if I’m slow

To learn the things a bride should know.

Bless our home, and grant us friends

To share our hearth when day’s work ends.

Give us joy, and tears, and sorrow;

And faith to wait for each tomorrow.

Grant us children, if you choose;

And may we never, ever lose

This rapture, this encircling love

Which radiates from you above!

Let me take you down memory lane to June 6, 1964. Hope you enjoy!

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Happy Birthday to Michael

May 25, 2013

Thinking about Michael Alexander Campbell. His birthday was last weekend. He arrived a month early, so I am just 1 week late on honoring him. Mike is our middle child. Let me tell you about Mike.

  • He was a preemie, arriving a month early. It was so early that Bill almost missed his birth, while being away at seminary.
  • After his birth, Bill was told that Mike had a lung disease and may need to be transferred to a Children’s Hospital.
  • Bill spent the night praying for our new little one. When arriving early the next morning to the hospital, he learned through the physician that Mike was doing great. God answered Bill’s prayer in a mighty way.
  • Eating at Shoney’s one day, Mike piled his plate with whipping cream, he thought!! But to his surprise, and everyone’s, it was actually butter!!
  • As a grade schooler, Mike sold newspapers at Northland Shopping Center. An unidentified man stole his newspaper money. This was such a disappointment to Mike, and to us. It is so evil when an adult steals from a child.
  • Mike loved and still loves the game of baseball. He loved playing and loves watching as well.
  • He graduated from Dallas Christian College in 1996.
  • While playing basketball at Dallas Christian College he lost a cap on one of his front teeth while playing Rhema in Tulsa.
  • Mike assisted his dad through Rotary in helping load a lot of used medical equipment to be sent abroad.
  • On June 13, 1998, he married Shara Clark, his beautiful partner for life.
  • Mike is a great father to his three children: Cade, Reagan and Clark.
  • He loves being able to minister to youth, as he has done this now for some twenty years.

Happy Birthday Mike! We love you!!!!!

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Remembering MOM on Mother’s Day

May 11, 2013

What do you remember about your mom on Mother’s Day.

Thirty years since I celebrated Mother’s Day with my MOM, but still I think of her often.

Some things I remember about her:

  • she made all my dresses, coats, etc.
  • she made curtains and drapes for our home
  • cooked healthy food (to care for my father who was diabetic)
  • our family ate all the things she made for my father because she thought it was GOOD and HEALTHY for us
  • she watched every penny that was spent in the Wood Household (and we thought she was a “tight wad”)
  • our home was always spic & span
  • she would drive extra miles to buy fresh brown eggs
  • she worked at sewing for us and the women in our community
  • our clothes were always clean and ironed
  • she taught me to knit
  • she taught many women how to drive a car
  • she altered clothes for women
  • she was always willing to help those having problems
  • her wisdom was always expressed in loving ways
  • she supported our family when my father died at a young age
  • she worked hard in everything she did
  • she only had an eight grade education
  • she took me to church services every Sunday
  • you could find her in the same pew each Sunday with a blind lady at her side
  • she made sure I took piano lessons from Miss Hilda every week
  • she provided the opportunity to learn how to play the organ

The Bible tells about a Noble Woman in Proverbs 31:10-31. Every time I read these passages I think of my mother.

Thank you for being such a mother & wife, mom. And Thank you for teaching me about the love of Christ.

lee & sue

Daniel’s Birthday

February 9, 2013

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Birthday BILL

November 8, 2012

Today is the birthday for Bill Campbell. Wanted to share just a few things about Bill.

  • Bill loves his wife and his children
  • He adores his grandchildren
  • Bill strives to be a servant of his Master
  • He wants to see others grow in knowledge and wisdom of God
  • Best of all, Bill is a man of God, following God’s leading

Happy Birthday to my WONDERFUL husband!

Enjoy some pictures of Bill.

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Happy Birthday to our daughter, Linda!!!!

November 5, 2012

November 5, ??????,  Bill and I welcomed our new little beautiful daughter Linda, into our family. Such a happy day for us! And a continuing joy as we have watched Linda grow and fill our lives with blessed memories. She has grown into a wonderful young lady, wife and mother. As a grade school librarian, she is greatly skilled as she teaches children to love the opportunity of reading afforded to them. The pictures that follow are just a small part of her life that I have captured and wish to share. Enjoy!

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Happy Birthday to MATT

October 9, 2012

Is that our ‘gift from God’? He sure is not happy!

Happy Birthday to our baby boy, Matt. There are many things I could tell about Matt, but sometimes pictures tell it all.

He has become a great husband, father and minister of God’s Word. He is truly a “gift from God”.

Enjoy the pictures. They may make you smile, if you know our


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