Happy Birthday to Michael

Thinking about Michael Alexander Campbell. His birthday was last weekend. He arrived a month early, so I am just 1 week late on honoring him. Mike is our middle child. Let me tell you about Mike.

  • He was a preemie, arriving a month early. It was so early that Bill almost missed his birth, while being away at seminary.
  • After his birth, Bill was told that Mike had a lung disease and may need to be transferred to a Children’s Hospital.
  • Bill spent the night praying for our new little one. When arriving early the next morning to the hospital, he learned through the physician that Mike was doing great. God answered Bill’s prayer in a mighty way.
  • Eating at Shoney’s one day, Mike piled his plate with whipping cream, he thought!! But to his surprise, and everyone’s, it was actually butter!!
  • As a grade schooler, Mike sold newspapers at Northland Shopping Center. An unidentified man stole his newspaper money. This was such a disappointment to Mike, and to us. It is so evil when an adult steals from a child.
  • Mike loved and still loves the game of baseball. He loved playing and loves watching as well.
  • He graduated from Dallas Christian College in 1996.
  • While playing basketball at Dallas Christian College he lost a cap on one of his front teeth while playing Rhema in Tulsa.
  • Mike assisted his dad through Rotary in helping load a lot of used medical equipment to be sent abroad.
  • On June 13, 1998, he married Shara Clark, his beautiful partner for life.
  • Mike is a great father to his three children: Cade, Reagan and Clark.
  • He loves being able to minister to youth, as he has done this now for some twenty years.

Happy Birthday Mike! We love you!!!!!

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