June 6, 1964 – OUR WEDDING DAY

It was a sunny, beautiful day in St. Louis, Missouri. Perfect day for a wedding! My home church, Jennings Church of Christ, was the place. This was a church that my parents helped to start on December 7, 1941. This was the place where I learned to be a follower of Christ.

Let me share some of my memories of some things that happened when Bill and I were so young, 49 years ago.

  • My brother, George, walked with me down the aisle, since my father had died in 1960.
  • Our Maid of Honor and Best Man were: Joy Jordan and Jimmy Lee Campbell.
  • So happy that Bill’s brother could be his best man. Jimmy lost his life during the Vietnam War.
  • My Bride’s Maids were: Maureen McCrary and Shirley Wood
  • The Groomsmen and Ushers were: Sam Bopp, Ray Bowen, Ken Patterson, & John Schofield
  • The Junior Bride’s Maid and Groomsman were: Terry Wood and Charles McGee

God has blessed Bill and I with:

  • Five children: Linda, Thom, Mike, Daniel and Matt
  • Ten wonderful grandchildren, four boys and six girls – Chris, Erich, Cade, Elly, Reagan, Chloe, Clark, Lily, Evie & Zanna.
  • Bill being able to complete his educational goals and serve the Lord in so many ways. Bill is still actively teaching and preaching, which is his great love.

I found this prayer among my pictures. Not sure who wrote it, but thought I would share it:

A Bride’s Prayer

Dear Father, bless this golden bandScanned Image 131570000

Which I wear proudly on my hand.

Give me strength to know I must

Be always worthy of its trust.

Bless me, O Lord, a brand-new bride;

And let the husband at my side

Be kind and tolerant of me

If I am not as sure as he.

Cause him to help me when I fail

To measure up in some detail.

Let him not judge me if I’m slow

To learn the things a bride should know.

Bless our home, and grant us friends

To share our hearth when day’s work ends.

Give us joy, and tears, and sorrow;

And faith to wait for each tomorrow.

Grant us children, if you choose;

And may we never, ever lose

This rapture, this encircling love

Which radiates from you above!

Let me take you down memory lane to June 6, 1964. Hope you enjoy!

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4 Responses to June 6, 1964 – OUR WEDDING DAY

  1. Billie Farris says:

    Verr nice. I did enjoy. Why didn’t the people stand when you walked down the aisle?

  2. Joyce Mathews says:

    What a great way to share your wedding memories! Tell Bill he looked like Superman in those glasses!

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