Remembering MOM on Mother’s Day

What do you remember about your mom on Mother’s Day.

Thirty years since I celebrated Mother’s Day with my MOM, but still I think of her often.

Some things I remember about her:

  • she made all my dresses, coats, etc.
  • she made curtains and drapes for our home
  • cooked healthy food (to care for my father who was diabetic)
  • our family ate all the things she made for my father because she thought it was GOOD and HEALTHY for us
  • she watched every penny that was spent in the Wood Household (and we thought she was a “tight wad”)
  • our home was always spic & span
  • she would drive extra miles to buy fresh brown eggs
  • she worked at sewing for us and the women in our community
  • our clothes were always clean and ironed
  • she taught me to knit
  • she taught many women how to drive a car
  • she altered clothes for women
  • she was always willing to help those having problems
  • her wisdom was always expressed in loving ways
  • she supported our family when my father died at a young age
  • she worked hard in everything she did
  • she only had an eight grade education
  • she took me to church services every Sunday
  • you could find her in the same pew each Sunday with a blind lady at her side
  • she made sure I took piano lessons from Miss Hilda every week
  • she provided the opportunity to learn how to play the organ

The Bible tells about a Noble Woman in Proverbs 31:10-31. Every time I read these passages I think of my mother.

Thank you for being such a mother & wife, mom. And Thank you for teaching me about the love of Christ.

lee & sue


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