Going Back to the Directions

One of my greatest of passions is knitting; doing more knitting; doing much knitting. (If you know me, you will say AMEN to this!!)  One of my favorite designs to knit is the diamond pattern. I began a yellow shawl with this pattern.

The shawl was about 30% complete when I seemed to have lost my way. Writing down the row I’m on, I’ve discovered, is very important, as I want to keep myself on track. But nonetheless I still lost my way. Now I’ve got to discover the route for getting back on track.

Life is like that. Greatly so. Everything seems to be going good and you are just breezing right along. THEN! AND THEN!! “Why did I do that? When did that happen? What am I going to do?”

In moments like these we need to: RETURN TO OUR CREATOR FOR HIS  DIRECTIONS. He keeps us on track and away from the utter confusion we seem to always create.

Let me share the Divine directions for remaining in touch with what is most important in life:

  1. Make sure you begin the day with HIM
  2. Immerse yourself in the study of His Word
  3. Last but not least, pray for His special wisdom & guidance

Life is full of so many problems. Our Creator has the directions we need for effectively confronting these problems we face.



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