My Dad

My father died at the young age of 49. I was 16 and a junior in High School. The day  he died, my Aunt Betty came to my school and called me out of class and informed me of his death. This was a shock for me, as my father was in the hospital and had been making improvement. Our minister had visited and prayed with my father shortly before he died.

The minister informed us that my father’s final comment was: “I feel like dancing.” And he was ready for dancing, not here on earth, but with his Heavenly Father. By the time our minister, Tom McGee, had returned home from his visit, my father, was dancing to the heavenly song, “When we all get to heaven”.

Things I will always remember about my Dad:

  • he was very soft spoken
  • a man of few words, but if he did speak you listened closely
  • he loved my mom
  • he loved me and my brother
  • he loved going to the hardware store to browse on Saturdays
  • he was a tile setter as his father
  • he trained my brother to be a tile setter
  • every Saturday, he prepared communion for Sunday
  • he surprised me with a Hammond Organ when I was 14 years old
  • he loved western movies
  • he struggled with diabetes for 16 years
  • he taught me to love and respect all people
  • he did not like disunity in the church or in the family
  • he always worked toward the experience of unity
  • he loved to tease my mom (would look out the kitchen window with nothing going on until my mom would try and see what he was looking at. And he would laugh out loud.)
  • he loved to see the ocean and the waves drenching him
  • and he loved the experience of having a new car

On this Father’s Day Weekend, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful Dad. My only regret is that my husband and children never had the privilege of knowing you and your wonderful love and wisdom.

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2 Responses to My Dad

  1. Linda Reif says:

    Thanks for this post mom. Really enjoyed reading it!

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