Organizing My Life

I love to be busy. Doing things. Planning things. Dreaming about things to do. How will it be? How will it look?

All of a sudden, I stop. What a mess around me. My work table is overflowing. The storage bins are all messed up. I can’t find the size needle needed. My scissors have left the building. Where is the color of yarn I need? The boxes organized, are now chaotic. What am I going to do?


Life can be like that. Messed up. Chaotic. A jungle.

What can I do with my life?

  1. Begin by taking time to praying.
  2. Let God be your constant companion.
  3. Make a list of what items in your life that need to be reordered.
  4. Forget the past and look to the future.
  5. Don’t be overwhelmed with the big picture.
  6. Let your failures be your teacher.

This is a short list of ‘What do to?” with your life.

The book, The Magnificent Life – Extra Ordinary living in an Ordinary Age, can be a guide.

Today is the day to begin ‘unmessing’ your life and have “A Magnificent Life“.

Now to my knitting: I will be working to reorganize my supplies, patterns, yarn and etc. Take one day and one projection at a time.

If you would like a copy of the “The Magnificent Life”, contact me at:

Make time every time to knit.


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