An Interesting Week

The Pink Hospital

My interesting week began on Monday morning. I paid a visit to Tulsa’s PINK HOSPITAL. It is a large hospital and always ready to help people get well.

After arising from bed well before the crack of dawn, I was able to arrive at my luxury suite around noon. My beloved Billy and darling daughter arrived shortly thereafter to welcome me to the luxurious suite. (My darling daughter said I was grouchy, but I didn’t believe her!!)

One day of being confined to bed rest was simply all I could take. Eventually those in charge said I could venture

Which one is mine????

out of my suite to all the interesting and beautiful surroundings. My beloved Billy took me on a short walk. How could I possibly be on such a HAPPY floor. We went by many new babies no more than 20 minutes to 2 days old. I thought just maybe I could take one home with me. I enjoyed looking them all over and tried to decide which one will be mine.

And listen to this: “My beloved Billy told one lady to listen very close. He told her that I was the second Sarah and ready for another miraculous birth in 2011. She laughed and promised to keep it a secret. But as she left she looked back a couple of times, scratched her head, and wondered if two insane old foggies had some way broken into St. Francis Hospital!!”

After 3 memorable days in this wonderful PINK HOSPITAL, with 5 additional inches of snow having fallen, my super Bigmac son-in-law risked his life and vehicle to return me to my snow covered warm home.

ONE SAD NOTE THOUGH: There was no baby that was taken home. I had to settle on going home with just me and my beloved Billy.

We are nestled warmly in our home, with the temperature having dipped to an unbelievable 11 degrees below zero. WOW!!!

I just cannot understand, however, why a baby wasn’t able to come home with me. I will just continue knitting my sock monkeys!.!.!. Oh well, I guess that’s best!!

But I wish to thank each one who has been praying for me. I am doing good, but, please please, NO SKATEBOARDING YET!!!!


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