December has arrived

One of my tasks is moving My Campbell Calendar to the month of December. Santa Claus is on the top of the calendar.  Oh my, we have 4 birthdays during December: Chloe, JESUS, Elly and Erich. This will be a busy month.

My mother taught me “One Day At a Time“. This is how December needs to be. One day at a time. It will be, a busy, busy month.

Start each day reading God’s Word, praying, and meditating. This will make the day brighter and happier.

“How should you begin the day with God? …. Here are some suggestions for shaping your day’s activities. I would prefer to label the following as your, ‘Begin the day with God Covenant.’ You are urged to openly approach God, your Maker, with the following words:

  • God, this is Your day.
  • You own it because You’ve made it.
  • You’ve placed me here today.
  • Help me to use this day for Your glory.
  • Fill me with Your positive excitement.
  • Enable me to serve others this day in Your powerful and sustaining Name.
  • Allow me to grow and be stretched in ways that will serve to reflect Your glory.
  • I understand that my success today will result from having first committed my life to You. ” (The Magnificent Life, page 26-27)

    Author - Bill Campbell

Start your day and month with your “Begin your day with God Covenant“.

As Dwight L Moody said: “I am a leaky bucket, and I need to be filled daily.”


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