One fall night in 2007 a young lady arrived at our Crochet and Knitting Class. She was from Japan, and spoke and understood some English. Her concern for the evening was Tatting. Knowing nothing about Tatting, I asked her if she would like to learn how to KNIT. So the journey began.

The next morning she arrived for exercise class with her finished knitting project. WOW! She continued KNITTING and exercising with our group. A friendship began.

On one occasion, I invited her to worship with us. She came and brought her electronic translator to interpret the sermon with the help of PowerPoint.

A Japanese Bible was soon purchased for her and she read it from cover to cover. She asked many questions.  So we met each week to do a chapter in The Purpose Driven Life, written by Rick Warren. Together we would translate words so we could understand their English meaning.

Naomi was returning to Japan for a vacation, and  before leaving wanted to give her life to Christ. My husband baptized her on May 25, 2008, following the worship service.

Our friendship has grown and we are now Sisters-In-Christ. Her love for Christ is growing and she is now serving in so many ways using her talents and gifts.

Happy Birthday Naomi ! ! ! !

Miles may separate us, but the love we share in Christ is indescribable.

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