Grandkids are the Greatest ! ! !

Oh how I love to be with my grandkids. They are the greatest. They continue to make life such a joy and blessing.

We were able to visit with Mike, Shara, Cade, Reagan, & Clark this past week.

Cade informed Grandpa that he had read “The Magnificent Life“, a book

The Magnificent Life

dedicated to our grandchildren. That made Grandpa happy.

Reagan, with her quiet spirit, gave us hugs worth the world.

Clark made me aware of myself. This was the conversation at the dining room table. Clark asked, “Grandma, where is your mother and father?” I said they had died. Then Clark asked: “Why did they die?” My response was that they had grown old. As quick as a wink, Clark said: “Well, you are old!” That was shocking!!

Clark’s name is Clark Alexander. One of my sock monkeys is named Alex.

There are two other sock monkeys named for Cade & Reagan.

Don’t you believe that grandkids are the GREATEST!

P.S. Please keep Shara in your prayers. She has been diagnosed with RSD. This is a chronic pain disease. Mike and Shara are handling this with awesome strength with God’s help.

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