Election Day Is Over

Election day is past. Over. (Maybe some states are still counting.)

Brought back memories of another election. Bill was running for the Jennings School Board. It was election night. All the votes had been cast. Being anxious for the results, Bill and I traveled to the St. Louis County Court House. We watched as they counted and posted the results.

It was time to leave the Court House and go home to be with our children. We exited down a stairwell. At the bottom of the stairs, we experienced a locked door. Um! “Have we been locked inside this huge building?” We ventured back up the stairs again and tried other doors on each floor. Everything was locked. I thought we would be there until morning. And this was in the olden days before Cell Phones.

Then a couple opened the doors that we first entered. We said: “STOP! Don’t enter the stairwell or you will be locked in just like we are.”

Knitting is like this experience. You can be moving along great, then a mistake. What do I do: rip, repair or just ignore the mistake. If it is not repairable, then you had better go back where you started.  Life is full of decisions -decisions – decisions!!!

This is one of my recent knitting projects. All babies need a SECURITY BLANKET. Why not a KNITTED SOCK MONKEY SECURITY BLANKET? The fabric is soft and the backing is satin.

Oh, by the way, Bill won the election, and became a Jennings School Board member. Then the real work and decision making began.


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