You are on a journey. It is your journey. Today is one more day on the  journey.  Remember to be observant. For you  never know where the journey will take you.

Your  journey will end at the destination: HEAVEN. Glorifying God is the purpose on this journey.

In my husband’s first book, The Magnificent Journey, he talks about heaven, our destination. God wants his creation to return to Him.  He will guide and provide  the necessary tools on the journey.

I love to start knitting a new project. I try to imagine what it will look like: who I will give it to, will it fit, will they like it, is the color right? I knitted socks one year to give as gifts trying to match the yarn and size of sock with each person. This makes me think of God with His creation. Each person is different in God’s sight, loved by Him and has a purpose.

Mary Jane Slippers

I love to knit for babies and children. This is one of my projects. They are called Mary Jane Slippers. They are easy to knit and can be any color combination.

This is my final thought for today: “Heaven is the major key in unlocking your excitement for living the Christian Life.”     The Magnificent Journey, p. 5 – Bill Campbell


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