Forgetting the Past

I have been a knitter from my teenage years. Knitting many projects. And many projects go unfinished (can you knitters relate to this?).  The mistakes are numerous: a mistake in knitting, not enough yarn, wrong size, etc.  So I just set my knitting aside and finish later (great thinking!).  One of my mother’s great quotes: If you knit, you must rip. Oh so true!

Life is like that. Unfinished tasks in life. Many mistakes. And mistakes can cause paralysis. Many do-overs, or do nothing. The following is an excerpt from The Magnificent Life.

“To live the magnificent life . . . will involve unleashing yourself from the past. For one will need to gain a firm release from the past in order to live a meaningful life in the present.

Freedom from the past occurs when one understands the forgiveness available through Christ. Yet, while Christ forgives there are many who are unwilling to accept the forgiveness He offers. The inability to accept Christ’s forgiveness comes from an ongoing incarceration to the past. One remains stuck in the fetters of the past because he or she is not willing to forgive self. Being caught in this dilemma does not allow a person to experience the joy of forgiveness from sin, nor to attain the awareness of Christ’s acceptance of the sinner.”

The Magnificent Life

Today is the day to forgive ourselves, and move on to the future with gusto. There are so many principles for living in this book:  The Magnificent Life. If you would like a copy, please contact me. The cost is $15.00 including postage.This book would also be a great holiday gift for others who are struggling with life.

Today I will try to correct some of my knitting mistakes (if possible), or begin with something new.


2 Responses to Forgetting the Past

  1. Daniel Campbell says:

    Who wrote that book? Could I get his autograph.

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