Happy Birthday – Chris

Our grandson (James Christopher) had a birthday over the weekend. He is our first grandson, so he is always #1. He graduated from high school in May and is continuing his education in college and working at Sports Academy. His life is busy. Oh how time flies. I remember when he was born. And when Grandpa would take him to the donut shop for a donut and chocolate milk. Grandpa and Chris always enjoyed those times.

Debbie Macomber says it best: “…when I became a grandmother for the first time the bug really took hold. I love to knit! I also love collecting yarn. In fact, I need an entire room to hold my yarn stash. It’s difficult for me to resist stopping in a yarn store, no matter how many projects are already waiting for me at home. But knitting can often be a slow process. From start to finish, it takes time to complete. Knitting certainly requires patience and persistence. I find it’s the same with finding your purpose.” (Knit Together, p. 8-9).

We are praying for Chris each day as he is now an adult, making his way in life (with Mom & Dad’s help).  Praying that he will discover his purpose. Remember: “From start to finish, it takes time to complete.” Grandpa and Grandma will always be there to cheer you on the way.

Chris @ Christmas

My sock monkey - C J


2 Responses to Happy Birthday – Chris

  1. Matt c. says:

    Great words, Mom!!! I love the quote from Debbie Macomber, but I just can’t make myself read a book about knitting…

  2. More than knitting. It is about discovering God’s Pattern in our lives. We were knit together in our mothers’ wombs (Psalm 139:13).

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