Enjoying Life

My Name Is Emma

Yesterday was a busy day with errands, errands and errands. It was completed by going to our daughter’s house for supper, which we always enjoy.

Then we walked to the High School Football Field to watch football. Such a lovely evening to enjoy young men playing football.

God gives us little THINGS in life to appreciate. We need to take notice and always thank Him for the little things: cool breeze, being with family, walking with the ones we love, watching grandsons growing up, etc.

In our devotion yesterday, Bill and I read that a magazine in 1894 advertised only food and clothes. That was the most important items in that time. Now look in a magazine for 2010. What do they advertise?

As we become a more affluent society, happiness is found in more and more things, not in the LITTLE things. Make it your goal today to notice the LITTLE things: a hug, a phone call, rain, sunshine, a thank you, making a new friend, a smile, an email, or you make your list.

Emma, my sock monkey, is just enjoying life on the fence row. Enjoy your day with the LITTLE things.

I want to introduce you to my monkey, Emma. She is a monkey full of color. Made of sock yarn.


One Response to Enjoying Life

  1. Kerry says:

    You are so right about taking the time for the little things in life. I hope I do just that this weekend after a stressful week at work behind me.

    Love Emma–love the colors! 🙂

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