A Great Weekend

Bill and I traveled to Illinois for the weekend. The purpose of the trip was uniting a couple in marriage who have been part of our lives. We have traveled many of life’s experience with both of their families. God’s best to this young couple.

This is my top 10 list from the trip:

1.  Watching & playing with our granddaughter, Lily;

Love those kisses

2.  Seeing many old friends;

3.  Catching up with my SISTER IN CHRIST: Naomi (one of these days I will tell you about Naomi);

4.  Spending the night with a special couple that have blessed our lives;

5.  Talking with Christian friends and having a lot of laughs around the dining room table;

6.  Worshiping with Matt & Nicole;

7.  Matt leading  in worship;

8.  Being a part of two lives being joined together in marriage;

Kevin & Hillary

9.  Traveling, talking and laughing with my best friend on the 500 mile trip;

10.  Lily finding my purse and medicine. (This is actually kind of scary.)

Thanking God for the return home safely.


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