Billie Rae

Myself, Matt, Bill

Today is a good day. Yesterday Bill and I went to Barnes & Noble, one of our favorite spots. Then we saw a man preaching (actually yelling) on the street corner. There is always something interesting on 71st Street.

I have been making more sock monkeys. Let me tell you about this one. She is Billie Rae.  It is made of  sock yarn, one of favorite yarns. The colors are self striping, making it good colorful and the feel of the yarn is soft. Her hat is a funky little hat . She is wanting someone to love her.

Today is the birthday of my baby boy, Matt. He must be 25 years, since I am not a day over 50. I remember the day he was born. It was a very warm hot day in St. Louis. I had just mopped the kitchen floor. On the way to the hospital, I told Bill that the bank sign said 102, and he said is that hot. NO BILL. That is the time, 102. He was born at 1:46.

Have a good day today (the Sooners are not playing).

Today is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it.”


One Response to LIFE IS GOOD

  1. Matt c. says:

    I am now 30 yrs old, mom, and I am still the best looking of your children…by a landslide.

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